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More than 200 travel agencies used Unav at Expo Paraná, according to the company

Unav took 40 travel agencies from the states of São Paulo, Pernambuco and the Federal District to Expo Paraná 2022, which took place last week in Curitiba. The caravan and the participation of Unav with a stand at the fair had the support of Abav-PR, ViagensPromo and ETS for transport, and all travel agents were protected by Coris.

According to the company’s top representative, Inês Melo, the ties between Unav and Abov were even closer at the event. “In a banner it showed the importance of this partnership and a QR code is already established”, said Inês for her affiliation. “No maintenance policies as a commercial arm to help protect and very important agency policies locally,” she added.

More than 200 travel agencies traveled through the Unav space, according to the company. There was an optimism with the number of registrations and perspectives that a lot of participation in the meeting of integrationwhich takes place weekly with Unav’s partners.

According to Unav’s Director of Market Relations, Duda Slud, participation in Expo Paraná was a successor to the group’s intention to continue participating in this type of event, both to attract new people and to strengthen ties with partners.

“Unav continues to expand and more than 520 agencies are already negotiating a block, highlighting commercial advantages and honoring the company’s preferred suppliers”.


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